The Intercollegiate Board for Training in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine | IBTPHEM



The Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine subspecialty curriculum separates the PHEM consultant role into six subspecialty specific and four generic, cross-cutting themes:

Subspecialty specific themes

1. Working in emergency medical systems
2. Providing pre-hospital emergency medical care
3. Using pre-hospital equipment
4. Supporting rescue and extrication
5. Supporting safe patient transfer
6. Supporting emergency preparedness and response

Cross-cutting themes

A. Operational practice
B. Team resource management
C. Clinical governance

The following figure illustrates the central importance of Generic Professional Capabilities and the relationship between the cross-cutting and subspecialty specific themes.


The following figure illustrates the spiral nature of the entire PHEM curriculum.


The PHEM Curriculum, Syllabus and Assessment System (third edition, 2022) is now available here. All training and assessment of doctors commencing posts from August 2022 onwards will follow this curriculum.