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Less Than Full Time Training In PHEM

Less Than Full Time Training in PHEM

IBTPHEM has a strong commitment to help all doctors in training reach their full potential and to support those with caring responsibilities or individual needs to undertake sub-specialty training on a LTFT basis.

LTFT training is available in all national PHEM training programmes as Scheme C training. The rules for LTFT training match that of in hospital practice, and reflect the same balance of work as full-time colleagues including day-time working and out-of-hour duties being undertaken on a pro rata number of hours. They also include movement between placements within a training programme on the same basis as full-time trainees. LTFT trainees are encouraged to look at work patterns with a higher percentage of hours (eg 3 days a week work patterns) to support the acquisition and retention of new pre-hospital skills.


Applying for LTFT in PHEM

After successful notification of a post in PHEM sub-specialty training, trainees should contact their new PHEM Training Programme Director to discuss a LTFT work plan. Trainees need approval from their base specialty TPD (in their home deanery) for the period of OOPT, and need to make a formal application for a LTFT post at the deanery where they will be undertaking PHEM training. This is normally available on the relevant deaneries website.