Specialist trainees in Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine or Acute Medicine will be invited to apply for PHEM sub-specialty training. PHEM training programme places will be available through a national recruitment, and will consist of 12 months whole time equivalent training taken after the ST5 year.  The Board strongly supports blended training (mixing base specialty with PHEM training - scheme A) to reflect future working patterns and giving trainees sufficient time to consolidate information. Many programmes therefore will last for 2 years, and trainees in this time will undertake the equivalent of 1yr PHEM and 1yr core specialty.

The 2012 ‘Guide to Training’ gives more details on what is involved in sub-specialty PHEM training. Download it from the Resources page.


Each training programme will have to assist trainees in covering all the elements of the curriculum.


To show progression and coverage of the curriculum there will be workplace based assessments (WPBAs) and more formal assessments.


A range of WPBAs will need to be undertaken during placements.

Formal assessments

  1. -phase 1a local formative assessment - at the end of the first month, a local assessment to ensure trainees are competent to progress to more comprehensive practice including a reduction in supervision

  2. -phase 1 National Summative Assessment (NSA1) - the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 

  3. -phase 2 National Summative Assessment (NSA2) - the Fellowship in Immediate Medical Care from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Please note that there are fees associated with NSA1 and NSA2. Details of fees and the assessments can be found on their website